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Steve Espinoza is a born and raised South Texas comedian who has been entertaining for the last 15 years. He has toured all over Texas and other parts of the country as a headliner and has featured for several nationally known comedians, including Willie Barcena and Nick Guerra. Steve's comedy is personal as he speaks about topics that are close to home, like being half-white, half-Mexican, marriage, depression, anxiety, and surviving covid. His jokes and stories are relatable and guaranteed to make audiences laugh.


6-23 Rockport, TX
6-24 Rockport, TX
6-29 Austin, TX
7-1 San Antonio, TX
7-8 Victoria, TX
7-27 T or C, NM
7-28 Las Cruces
, NM
7-29 El Paso, TX


8-10 San Antonio TX
8-12 Kerrville, TX
8-26 Canyon Lake, TX
9-3 Hutto, TX
9-27 El Paso, TX
9-28 Mescalero, NM
9-29 Corpus Christi, TX
9-30 Corpus Christi, TX

10-13 Private Event
10-14 Private Event
10-21 Austin, TX
10-26 Boerne, TX
11-15 Adelphi, MD
11-16 New York, NY
11-17 New York, NY
11-18 El Paso, TX
11-24 Midland, TX
11-25 Midland, TX
11-28 Private Event
12-2 Private Event

On August 8th, 2021, Steve tested positive for Covid-19, Delta variant. Days later Steve ended up in an urgent care center, where he was diagnosed with Covid pneumonia in both of his lungs, and he was placed on 16 liters of oxygen to stay alive. He stayed at this urgent care for 11 nights due to the fact that there were no rooms available in any of the local hospitals. Transporting Steve to a hospital in a different city was not an option, he would more than likely not have survived the trip. Steve was eventually transferred to a rehabilitation facility however his first night there his health took a turn for the worse. Steve was transferred to an ICU where he was intubated and fell into a coma for two and a half weeks. While comatose, Steve was intubated and his right lung collapsed. The doctor notified his family that survival was unlikely. Steve woke up from his coma on September 11th, he was unable to speak or move but his health had miraculously improved. Steve spent six weeks in the ICU and was transferred to a rehabilitation center where he would relearn how to walk and speak again. Steve was released from the rehabilitation hospital on October 20th and on October 23rd, just three days after being hospitalized for over 3 months, Steve returned to the stage.


"Giving up was not an option. I have a job to make people laugh and that is why I survived."


October 23rd 2021

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